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The crime of identity theft in financial transactions is costly, but is also beginning to infect personal relationships, especially amongst the dating population.

Due to the phenomenon of Internet anonymity, it is estimated at least 50% of dating profiles (roughly estimated 25-30 million in the United States) are false; thereby making the remaining genuine online daters vulnerable to fraud.

That awareness or fear is stronger in some (sub-)cultures than in others.

Log in (via social or generic sign up) and verification can be two separate thing.

“It’s a more thorough check than users are used to, but I think that acts as a screen for credible applicants.” The FBI has issued statements around the growing threat of online dating scams.

The usual systems such as Google, Linked In, Twitter or Facebook are all nice options to have to get people signing up or logging in as SIMPLY and QUICK as possible.Deborah Nelson of Colorado Springs, CO, knows first-hand the shock of this terrifying scenario and is helping prevent it from happening to others.In her true story, “Oops, I married a Con Artist,” Nelson proves that now, more than ever, singles need to know the identity of the people they are dating.Imagine This: Awakened by morning sunlight streaming through your window—your first thought today was a single, stunning realization. The man in bed next to you is not the man you married.He is a complete stranger with a fabricated persona.

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For people engaged in romantic risk, a new patent pending system invented by Nelson verifies identities in order to limit the escalating reality of relationship fraud.

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