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To that end, stores sold mesh purses for relatively reasonable prices; in 1902, for example, Sears sold mesh purses for 49 cents each, while more costly versions came in at roughly 75 cents.It was no surprise that mesh purses took off the way they did.This rare "Moxie" advertising bag was sold at auction in 2003 for 49.99.

Its bags, often made of German silver, gunmetal, or sterling, featured hand-etched frames and graceful silhouettes.

These claims were revised slightly (more than slightly, actually) with the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906.

Moxie is considered to be the first mass marketed soft drink. Archer, who appeared in many of Moxie's ads, promoted the soft drink in every form of advertising medium of the time.

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Mesh bags are slinky—and deceptively tough—purses made out of the same sort of metal links used in armor.

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