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But what I will say is people always say, “You don’t give Danity Kane enough credit.” I did, because I love it. People want a reunion, but everyone knows we’ve all gone off to do different things now. When you get a record, and when you listen to it you see color — the last time I felt like that is when I saw Prince live. When Dawn Richard spoke to Rolling Stone, she was mixing the final part of a trilogy that she began in 2013.She still remembers the initial dismissal of her plan to create three related albums: "Everyone laughed at it and told me I was overambitious," she says."People want to peg you as alternative R&B when they hear soul or see the color of your skin," she explains."It's comfortable when people see artists of color or artists that come from a different country to put that brand on us.Diddy-Dirty Money is the real deal, a trio infused with formidable singing, songwriting, and production talent.

As a solo artist, she produces rapidly – a mixtape in 2011, two projects in 2012, an album in 2013, a follow-up in 2015, the Infrared EP this year with the producer Kingdom and Redemption still to come – and works actively to define the way her music is absorbed.

“Diddy-Dirty Money is a movement that represents a change in music,” declares Richard. But if they take the chance to listen, they will respect it.” “All that Hollywood stuff doesn’t work for us,” adds Kalenna.

“Dawn and I aren’t background singers simply standing next to Diddy, and Diddy-Dirty Money isn’t just more of the same.

Dawn Richard has accomplished a rare feat in pop music: she found success in two sonically different groups. The blessing is if you thought that was a lot, I can’t wait for you to hear the album. I don’t speak about it because I believe I still need to heal. It’s almost been five, six years now [since the group debuted; it was disbanded by Combs on the finale of “Making the Band” in 2009].

First, after competing on MTV’s reality competition, “Making the Band,” Sean “Diddy” Combs handpicked her to be one-fifth of the urban pop girl group Danity Kane. You mentioned all the heat you got after the demise of Danity Kane. It’s so high on a pedestal for me that I don’t want to hurt it.

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It’s an organic group that grew out of a shared passion for music.” Known for having his finger on the pulse of what’s next, Combs had a notion that Richard and Kalenna were kindred spirits when he brought the two together to write songs in 2009.

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