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Look at default the compliance reports (Software Updates - A Compliance--Compliance 5 - Specific computer ) or other compliance reports?

There are 2 ways to tell if the client is complaint or not using the default reports.

Only these 2 status matters for them to ensure the computers are fully patched.

Generally ,how do you check when such requests comes ?

Coming to the subject line, I have been seeing many questions on the configuration manager forums and social networking sites on software update patching issues .couple of questions on the subject line are like In this blog post (SCCM 2012 Troubleshoot software update client issues), I will explain you the basic troubleshooting steps (only on client side ) which will help you to resolve issues on your own by analyzing the logs and take it further afterwards.

When you enable software update agent setting in client agent settings,a policy will be created with this setting and stored in SQL Database.

So when client initiate machine policy,it communicate with management point which includes the software update client feature installation instructions to be installed or applied on the client.

In this process, Client will create local GPO with WSUS Settings by leaving automatic updates .

There are different types of reports to become familiar with, but the ones we care about here can be found under Monitoring\Reports\Software Updates A - Compliance as shown below: If you don’t see this in your environment, it’s likely you are either viewing a Site Server that is not set up with the Reporting Service Point role.Though the clients showed the correct settings when we looked at them directly, these settings were not reflected correctly in the compliance reports.This is an issue that has been dealt with in the past and there is a fair amount on the internet about how to handle it.1) You can run the report based on software update group for specific collection—Compliance 1—Overall Compliance 2) Compliance for specific computer--Compliance 5 - Specific computer Report 1) will give you only the status for specific software update group for specific collection but not for all software updates deployed to specific PC.A PC might have 100 software updates deployed and these software updates coming through multiple software update will be really challenging to find if PC is compliant for all the Deployed patches unless you have only one software update group.

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