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The Florida husband accused of shooting dead his wife and then posting a photo of her dead body on Facebook has asked the judge to have the victim’s remains tested for bath salts and other illegal substances.Back in court: Derek Median, 31, appeared at a hearing Wednesday with a bushy beard and a shock of unkempt hair after his lawyers petitioned a judge to grant them access to his wife's remains for drug testing The accused killer had previously admitted to shooting his wife six to eight times, but has since changed his story, insisting that he was acting in self-defense because Alfonso was acting erratically and violently.George and Nora promise to stay upstairs, but break the promise and come down to crash the party, and they end up being cool among Derek's friends, which does not sit well with Derek. A handsome boy walks in accidentally, looking for the bathroom.He asks her if she's found what she's looking for, and Casey, lovestruck, tells this new boy Max that she thinks she has.Meanwhile, this is an open chance for Derek to throw a party.When George declines the request, Derek informs him it's a party for Casey to meet the finalists Kendra prepared for Casey to choose a date from, Nora has to intervene George's second response of 'No' to make the party happen.Since they were 15, Casey Mc Donald and Derek Venturi had been making rather elaborate plans on how to assassinate their step-sibling.Somehow they were both accepted into Queens University, much to Casey's dismay.

It ended having aired 70 episodes, and was followed by one spin-off television film, entitled Vacation with Derek, which was filmed in northern Ontario in fall 2009, George Venturi (John Ralston), a divorced man from London, Ontario who had custody of his three children from a previous marriage: sons Derek (Michael Seater) and Edwin (Daniel Magder), and daughter Martie (Ariel Waller), marries a divorced woman named Nora Mc Donald (Joy Tanner), who has two daughters of her own from a previous marriage: Casey (Ashley Leggat) and Lizzie (Jordan Todosey).They both learn college can be a very challenging and lonely time…especially when the only person you have to lean on is the person you hate the most.Inspired by lyrics from a song, but not really a song-fic.According to the defense, a search of Medina and Alonso’s apartment has yelled campuses filled with synthetic ecstasy that had been stashed in a garlic supplement bottle in a kitchen cabinet, according to NBC Miami.The defense also presented a video recorded inside the couple’s townhouse showing what they claim to be Alfonso opening the kitchen cabinet containing the capsules just hours before the murder, Miami Herald reported.

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  1. Most of us remember cringing as children when our mothers gave us that look -- the look that meant we were in deep trouble. And even if she did say a word -- even if it was kind -- you could probably still tell you were in trouble because the brain processes both verbal and nonverbal communication at the same time and notices when someone's words don't match their body language.