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During their Facebook Live chat on Thursday, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella spilled major secrets about their personal and professional lives."Well I guess the world should know I am trying," Brie, who's married to former WWE star Daniel Bryan, revealed.

"I'm not pregnant yet, that's why you know I indulged in some alcohol yesterday on the beach that paparazzi had to take a shot of.

The two were seen chatting and getting "frisky" in the footage.

At one point, the pint-sized star even climbed into the passenger seat with her!

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on July 3, captured the actor canoodling with a mystery beauty in a Lexus sedan for more than 20 minutes.But yes I am trying so keep your fingers crossed Bella Army that I get pregnant very soon."What about Nikki and her boyfriend John Cena? "That's OK.""Well we need a ring first," Brie said to Nikki."I want to make a comeback in the ring first," Nikki explained.Nikki has been in recovery since undergoing neck surgery in January, but she's ready to get back in the WWE ring."So as of now I'm hoping to make my comeback in the summer," Nikki revealed.They are currently stood in the nearest corner to the camera, but the newborn is so small he keeps going out of shot. He appears to be feeding just fine, and looks healthy and even stronger than just a few hours BST: April’s calf is stood up again, but he looks content with his spot in the corner of the enclosure.April is laid down not and appears to be having a well-deserved rest.

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