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They shake the hands and grab the coats and rattle the teeth of real actors.They change size and dimension and perspective as they move through a scene... (performer: "I Need a Doctor", "Love the Way You Lie') / (performer: "Lighters", "Fast Lane" - as Bad Meets Evil) / (writer: "Lighters", "I Need a Doctor", "Fast Lane") - Lighters (2011) ...(performer: "Lighters", "Fast Lane" - as Bad Meets Evil) / (performer: "Without Me", "The Real Slim Shady", "The Way I Am", "Role Model", "Just Lose It", "We Made You", "Not Afraid", "Writer's Block", "I Need a Doctor") / (writer: "Lighters", "Without Me", "The Real Slim Shady", "The Way I Am", "Role Model", "Just Lose It", "We Made You", "Not Afraid", "Writer's Block", "Fast Lane", "I Need a Doctor") - Eminem and the Punisher #1 (2011) ...Squirrel Nutkin sails across Derwentwater with his cousins to gather nuts on Owl Island.Roger Rabbit and his cartoon comrades cast real shadows.A subtrope of Medium Blending, and an extended version of Rotoscoping.

We have been so glad to have him as part of the family and can't wait to see where his new journey takes him. and 21 Frankie's Flicks presents 80s Summer Blockbusters for a Buck Series Feature Presentation - BACK TO THE FUTUREThat's right, Frankie must have yacht fever, instead of the crazy cult movies Frankie's gone totally mainstream and totally 80s!

Join Frankie, Marty and Doc Brown for this rousing time-travel adventure with an unforgettable spirit!

Jemima is based on a real duck that lived at Hill Top.

and the cartoon characters look three-dimensional and seem to be occupying real space.

A special effect intended to show live-action, flesh-and-blood performers interacting with animated (usually ink-and-paint) characters.

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