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Quester was pictured as a "case study," his face pathetic, accusatory. "A sense of fears confirmed," he'd said: fears coming first -- eager to be confirmed by "facts." No surprise that a US historian once wrote of American politics' "paranoid style." I'm reminded of another line I got from Jane Rule: "The fear is worse than the fact." *** is like listening to them debate health care.

Rotello cited the few epidemiological studies that had indicated infection via oral sex -- almost all complicated by the fact that people don't always tell the truth about sex -- but preferred those "individual case studies [that] document the human face of the issue. Ideological blinkers blind them to a sane model -- public, portable, universal, cheap or even free; less costly overall than US corporate medicine (if now getting mucked up by budget cuts and creeping privatization) -- just north of their border. When noted at all it's most often as a bogeyman: "creeping socialism." Rotello did report that "The Canadian government [sic], it's said on the street, considers oral sex safe" -- a "rumor" he investigated no further.

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But lest we get smug: on September 9, 1994, the page 1lead on Vancouver's Xtra West read: "Receptive oral sex risk." Dr Joss De Wet had, as the caption to his sober face read, "four men in his practice who now test positive after engaging in what the Canadian AIDS Society classifies as low risk activity." He said he knew of three more.

A local dentist seeing people with HIV said: "Now the guidelines will have to change.

His Co-host was the Mat Rat, a man that spoke in a meek gravely voice to fit the character he portrayed and the two would poke fun at each other during the show.

Skull Von-Cross also made guest appearances occasionally.

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