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the story was's too long, i got bored..i only continue watching it because the setting was jeju city..i wasn't able to roam the island because the people i was intouched with there especially the drivers & taxi drivers were not tourist friendly.i really frustrated.. I was finished this drama, I am very interesting with character of lee sang possesif with tae sub haha..I hope both of them have special relationship like that in real life haha..kyungsoo always give what taesub needed.ya..conflict about yang cho rong its so funny..recomended drama for all..'At around 6am, a man came into the media centre with a camera covered in blood and told us that one of our colleagues had been injured,' said Ahmed Abu Zeid, the culture editor of Mr Assem’s newspaper told 'He had started filming from the beginning of the prayers so he captured the very beginnings and in the video, you can see tens of victims.Ahmed’s camera will remain a piece of evidence in the violations that have been committed.' Today Egyptian authorities escalated their crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood by ordering the arrest of its spiritual leader, while the group remained steadfast in its defiance of the new military-backed administration and refused offers to join an interim government.Kim Min-Jae (Kim Hae-Sook), Yang Byung-Tae (Kim Young-Chul), Yang Byung-Joon (Kim Sang-Joong), & Jo Ah-Ra (Jang Mi-Hie) are the second generation.Yang Tae-Sub (Song Chang-Eui), Yang Ho-Sub (Lee Sang-Yoon), Yang Ji-Hye (Woo Hee-Jin), & Yang Cho-Rong (Nam Gyu-Ri) are the third generation.All, I know is that, I think it was Gil Ja who gave the letter, seeing that she and Soo Ok were pretty close.. This the second movie that I watched with an Exo Member in it, and they both did their roles swell. I wanna know the name of music/song that is playing as the movie begins & a female voice saying "Paradise is where I am..." is heard. All the actors blossomed into their roles so vividly, its a story-telling i would remember for a long time... i haven't cry this much since millionaire's first love and that was like ages ago.. this movie, the actors and the people who worked hard to finish this film successfully relayed the story to the viewers. It makes me want to reminisce the times when i was younger. You will just see bomsil, you will not care about do kyungsoo. And in my opinion, the movie wasn't cliche at all.. And l really hope Kyungsoo and Sohyun will meet again in another project witha more mature love story.. I also think that it was Gil Ja's fault that Soo Ok actually drowned. Well, I really loved the movie and how their friendship went on.... Also the song that was about to be played (in the beginning self) when adult Beomsil goes "on air" & read that prisoners' story without missing the alphabet. Till now i've been avoiding Korean movies and i would only watch dramas and shows like 2D1N, Gag concert and return of superman, but i decided to give it a try. Good job everyone.wonderful talents all on and off camera. tears just keep falling even after watching the movie whenever i heard my mom playing "Dust in the Wind"(w/c she always does since i was a kid bec. I cried so many times bc i am touched by the story in positive way. You will the actor are different than they are in real life. ISTG I hate cheesy film but I don't hate this film. Hahahahaahaa, still hoping a kiss scene from them A lots of disappointed. Wishing, that I'll be able to watch it here from the phil.

Morsi himself remains in custody in an undisclosed location.

In the face of Islamist opposition, the military-backed interim president, Adly Mansour, issued a fast-track timetable on Monday for the transition.

His declaration set out a 7-month timetable for elections but also a truncated, temporary constitution laying out the division of powers in the meantime.

Among independent films, Han Gong-ju, which premiered at the Busan International Film Festival in October 2013, enjoyed a particularly successful commercial release for a film of its size, after winning a number of high-profile international festival awards.

In May, the Cannes Film Festival played host to three Korean features, none in competition: debut feature A Girl at My Door, produced by Lee Chang-dong, in Un Certain Regard; thriller A Hard Day in Director's Fortnight; and The Target, a remake of the 2009 French thriller Point Blank.

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