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These cases are the most extreme and you might not have much of a choice.For many of us, there are still a handful of options to think through.In fact, with good planning, not only can you save money now, you can actually improve your credit rating over time.Applying for credit results in an "inquiry" into your credit history.When you’ve worked your entire life to maintain a relatively good credit score, the last thing you want to do is damage it.However, there are definitely some cases where a credit sacrifice is needed.The debt avalanche method works by paying off your highest interest rate credit cards first.

According to Fair Isaac, the typical inquiry will, on average, lower your FICO by about five points.Consolidating a number of debts into one is, for most, a worthy goal.And any damage to your credit score as a result should be minimal and brief.I did read online, and in this post, about credit settlement and various options moving balance around, however, I have 6 cards with a total out of ~35k.I emailed a credit counselor who suggested their program where I pay them ~0/month and I'm done in 5 years.

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