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It includes a parade, picnic in the park, games, booths, a dance, etc.

The International Food Fest, sponsored by the Ault Business Association, consists of various ethnic foods and entertainment, is held every September.

A transformative advance in Earth science is the development of thermochronology to quantify the thermal evolution of rocks through time as they move through Earth’s subsurface.

These analytical tools are also now a cornerstone of geoscience investigations to understand plate tectonics, how and why mountains are built, and landscape evolution.

My research pushes the boundaries of low temperature thermochronology, specifically (U-Th)/He dating, to resolve the timing of cryptic thermal signatures of fundamental Earth processes.

I integrate these methods with field, geologic, and geochemical data to decode the thermal fingerprint and mineralogical record of earthquakes in exhumed fault systems, groundwater movement in faults and fractures, and the long-term erosion history of ancient cratons to understand how plate tectonics operates in the cores of continents.

In this paper, we apply a number of analytical procedures on a large-scale SNS dataset of 10 million public profiles with more than 40 different attributes from one of the largest dating sites in the Russian segment of the Internet to explore similarities and differences in patterns of self-disclosure.

Online communities such as forums, general purpose social networking and dating sites, have rapidly become one of the important data sources for analysis of human behavior fostering research in different scientific domains such as computer science, psychology, anthropology, and social science.

Online dating is popular because it breaks the barrier that exists between meeting and mingling with other single people.

They allow you to meet people beyond the next vicinity which is usually the case with the offline dating.

There are two main community celebrations held each year.

Every August, the Ault Fall Festival takes place which is similar to the "harvest-type" festivals still held in many communities.

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More than that, our core objective is for you to be united with that someone in Derbyshire.

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