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Whether we see it on the big screen or witness it in real life, the concept “opposites attract” is a fascinating one. According to a study conducted by Northwestern University, it might depend on the length of time partners know each other before becoming romantically involved.The results showed that couples who began dating soon after meeting were more similar in attractiveness than those who started off as friends—and this isn’t just a coincidence.We all need to be mindful of our tendency to respond to people based on looks, and to strive to value everyone equally, whether they’re sparkling and beautiful, or unlovely and odd.

The length of relationship ranged from three months to 53 years, with the average length being eight years and eight months.

The couples were asked to talk on camera about how they had changed over the course of their relationship, and independent coders used a -3 to 3 rating scale to indicate the physical attractiveness of each partner.

The results supported the researchers’ hypothesis—the longer a couple had known each other before dating, the larger the attractiveness gap.

Any given interaction is characterized by a certain level of intensity, which is conveyed by individual and interpersonal behavior, including the more subtle nonverbal behavioral information of interpersonal attraction.

It is a scale in which a subject "rates" another person on dimensions such as intelligence, knowledge of current events, morality, adjustment, likability and desirability as a work partner.

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We need much more for a strong, healthy marriage, and it’s all too easy to be blinded to a person’s bad character or incompatibility by infatuation.

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