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"This gentleman went into the local strip club here and one of the dancers took him back to the VIP room, where he was getting private dances. Miguel Gomez of Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office told the Daily News.

"He left and came back — and while he was gone, she realized that the 0 was fake." She called police, who came to the club and arrested him.

His refreshing take on entertainers as ACTUAL humans while still acknowledging the disjointed realities of the strip club lifestyle and environment keeps the read informative, but cautious.

However, the strippers facing less competition than at their clubs — have a high ceiling for earnings when their stiletto twirls attract a well-heeled customer who can pay for private dances by the hour rather than by the song.

End of night totals have reached more than ,000 for the most popular dancers, who are often kind enough to give some back to the establishment.

A Michigan man is facing counterfeiting charges after he tried paying for a lap dance using a fake 0 bill, according to police.

After Stephen Gidcumb, 32, visited the Déjà Vu strip club in Kochville Township on Friday, employees noticed some funny money and reported it to authorities.

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At the Hustler Club, the women pay an $80 flat fee. The dancers have the option to pay an additional fee so they don’t have to dance on the club’s stages. While appearing onstage can be a good marketing tool for these young women, it’s not nearly as lucrative as lap dances or the private rooms, so it’s often worth the money to avoid being pulled away from a potentially profitable client.2.

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