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CD/MP3/Aux/USB on the audio system is standard across the line, but the G model gets the added benefit of a 2-DIN touchscreen display that’s video capable and GPS ready.Outside, the Wigo is wrapped around a sharply styled body that features an abundance of chrome.This super robot along with the other two aforementioned super robots first appeared the United States as a part of Mattel's Shogun Warriors line of import toys, released in the late 1970s.An armada of horned humanoid aliens known as Boazanians invade earth and launch their "beast fighters" all over the world, defeating most of the world's armed forces.

They are the lowest in India’s caste system and can get severely beaten for petty incidents., popularly known simply as Voltes V is a Japanese anime television series which first aired on TV Asahi on June 4, 1977.The "V" in the name is pronounced as the Roman numeral for "five." It was created by Saburo Yatsude, directed by Tadao Nagahama and produced by Yoshiyuki Tomino.The Boazanians first defeat from the hands of Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V brings the invaders to focus their attacks on Japan.Voltes V was designed by Professor Kentaro Gō (Doctor Ned Armstrong), his wife Professor Mitsuyo Gō (Doctor Mary Ann Armstrong) and their trusted colleague, Professor Hamaguchi (Doctor Richard Smith) and built by large scale construction effort backed by United Nations Earth Defense Force and General Oka (Commander Robinson).

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