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“The shutdown is aimed at preventing a repeat of leaks that occurred last year,” Mohammed Seid, public relations director of Ethiopia’s Office for Government Communications Affairs, told Reuters. We want our students to concentrate and be free of the psychological pressure and distractions that this brings.” Mohammed did not give a precise date regarding when the shutdown would be lifted, but added it would last throughout the exam period.

Total cholesterol in the Ethiopians resembled that in Israeli-born adolescents or adult resident Israelis at ages 8 years through 20–29 years, but mean levels were considerably lower in Ethiopians at ages 30–39 years through 60 years, where they do not exceed 175 mg/dl for males and 190 mg/dl for females.

Mean triglyceride levels were higher for Ethiopian females than in Israeli females up to age range 40–49 years.

In an investigation of lipid levels following a period of deprivation and prolonged travel, 206 male and 272 female Ethiopian Jewish immigrants to Israel were evaluated at the end of 1984.

This ethnic group, most of whom are lean persons who had apparently consumed a high simple carbohydrate diet, revealed distinct (cross-sectionally evaluated) age and sex patterns of lipid distribution.

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