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After three years with the order, he abandoned thoughts of a religious life, and went to New York to seek work as an actor.He studied with Uta Hagen while taking jobs as waiter, post-office worker and office temp." line - Boyle had a respectable career long before "Everybody Loves Raymond" debuted in 1996, including a part in Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver," in which he played a philosopher cabbie who counseled Robert De Niro's angry character.Boyle was also close friends with John Lennon, who was best man at Boyle's wedding.

The fact that he could play a convincing curmudgeon on the show, but in reality be such a compassionate and thoughtful person, is a true testament to his talent," Romano said."He could play this guy who seems scary but really underneath it has this heart you know? While a generation of TV viewers knows him as Frank Barone - with his trademark "Holy crap!Peter Boyle, the actor who transformed from an angry workingman in “Joe” to a tap-dancing monster in “Young Frankenstein” and finally the comically grouchy father on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” has died. Boyle died Tuesday evening at New York Presbyterian Hospital.He had been suffering from multiple myeloma and heart disease, said his publicist, Jennifer Plante. I go to parties celebrating their being together 25, 50 years. It’s wonderful when they say to me ‘Thank you for the humor you’ve brought us all these years.’ I am a lucky son of a gun. The worst part of getting old is (finding) acceptance of it. “In most cultures you’re taught to embrace getting older, with people respecting you, taking care of you, making you understand you’re loved.

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